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Using your STI self-sampling kit

Collecting your rectal sample (female kit)

The rectal swab is included in the kit marked FB.

Even if you can't take all your samples, please return any you do complete so we can test them.


Diagram: step 1

Check all the sample tubes in your kit for a use-by date. You must collect your samples before the earliest date found on any of the tubes. If you are unable to collect your samples before this date, you must request a new kit.


Diagram: step 2

Remove the cotton bud swab from the paper packet (blue shaft in the package with green writing). Be careful not to touch the cotton end.


Diagram: step 3

Place the tip of the cotton bud swab into your rectum and turn it for 10 to 30 seconds. Remove the swab carefully and without touching the rest of your body.


Diagram: step 4

Remove the cap from the thin white tube and immediately place the cotton bud swab into it.


Diagram: step 5

Carefully break the swab shaft against the side of the tube at the score-line and discard the top portion of the swab shaft.


Diagram: step 6

Screw the lid back onto the tube tightly. Do not pierce the foil cap of the lid.


Diagram: step 7

Write your name and date of sample collection on the tube. Then take the numbered sticker (labelled rectal) from the request form and attach it to the tube.