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Using your STI self-sampling kit

Collecting your blood sample

The blood sample tube is included in all our STI self-sampling kits.

Even if you can't take all your samples, please return any you do complete so we can test them.


Diagram: step 1

Check all the sample tubes in your kit for a use-by date. You must collect your samples before the earliest date found on any of the tubes. If you are unable to collect your samples before this date, you must request a new kit.


Diagram: step 2

Wash your hands with warm soapy water and dry them thoroughly. Having warm hands is important.


Diagram: step 3

Take the lid off the small blood sample tube (yellow top) and make sure it is close by, ready. You will need this at step 7.


Diagram: step 4

Clean your finger tip with the alcohol wipe.


Diagram: step 5

Take one of the three lancets and twist the purple stick (not the collar) to remove it.


Diagram: step 6

Push the lancet firmly against your finger tip and press the purple button. This will prick your finger and draw blood. Massage/milk your finger until a droplet of blood appears.


Diagram: step 7

Use the edge of the tube to scoop the blood into the tube.


Diagram: step 8

Fill the blood collection tube until the blood sample reaches the upper line. If you are unable to collect enough blood, use a second or third lancet to prick another finger. If you find it difficult to collect the blood sample you may find it easier if you use your non-dominant hand (e.g. if you're right-handed, try taking the sample from your left hand) and a smaller finger.


Diagram: step 9

Clean your finger(s) with the alcohol wipe and apply a plaster to your finger(s).


Diagram: step 10

Screw the lid tightly onto the blood collection tube.


Diagram: step 11

Take the numbered sticker (labelled blood) from the request form and attach it to the tube.